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The e-commerce dropshipping business is a low-cost and, consequently, low-risk option.

First of all, if you are new to this journey, congratulations! Welcome to the enriching world of dropshipping.

As beginners, mistakes are very common. Although they allow us to learn, improvement takes time.

We want to help, so here are 10 dropshipping tips you should know.

Presentable Website


A  website that can’t be navigated or looks terrible because of the lack of images or basic design looks unprofessional.

A presentable website is key if you want people to trust and believe in your brand.

Look for pages of your same niche. Check their style and functions, then add any improvements you believe necessary.

Be There Then it Matters

There is no linear process, and everything has its ups and downs. Especially growing businesses.

Along the way, you’ll face problems. Maybe a client received the wrong product or didn’t receive a product at all.

Whatever the case is, you need to own the mistake. Recognize it and help the client. Make it up to them in the form of a refund or an upgrade.


Important note: you may have to assume responsibility for a mistake, but that doesn’t mean that you need to reduce your profit or savings. If your suppliers are reliable, they will cover the expenses, even the shipping.

Dealing with Returns

Know and understand your supplier’s return policy before writing your own.
If you wish to avoid simple problems such as delayed returns, make sure your estimated return date is between the time frame stated by your suppliers.

As for the money, it depends on the issue. Some suppliers charge a fee for restocking.

Here’s an extra tip: if the product is relatively inexpensive, don’t ask the client to ship it back. Let them keep it and send them another product. This will save you time and prove to the customer that you are a reliable store.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service doesn’t stop in returns and refunds.

Make an experience out of buying from your brand. Send them surprises, use appealing packages, or simply send personalized thank you cards with a coupon attached.

Anything that will make the client feel special and want to shop from your store again works.


Supplier Variety


Relying on just one supplier is not safe.

Clients may be mad if they can’t find the products on their wishlist because they are “out of stock”. That’s why having multiple dropshipping suppliers with similar or the same inventory is better.

If you are currently facing this problem, a solution could be to offer

your customer an upgrade to a similar product. This will keep them happy while you search for more reliable suppliers to avoid this from happening again.

Inventory Management

Inventory is key to your customer’s happiness.

When you are looking for products, make sure to check their availability. Just because a supplier sells a product doesn’t mean that it is always in stock.

Basically, keep track of the availability of the products you are selling.


The Right Price


Meagre prices will make your brand look cheap.

Avoid above-cost prices for the sake of being competitive. Sure, offer some discounts, but don’t put everything on sale if your income is low.

Instead, try driving more traffic into your site. Usually, the problem lies there.

Shipping Issues

Shipping rates can be confusing, and many e-commerce dropshipping businesses usually have trouble figuring them out. Of course, there are ways to avoid that issue.

Real-time rates calculate the price based on the products and their destination. Although it’s the most accurate method, it is the most complicated one if you use shipments from different warehouses.


Per-type rates are set the rates based on the product’s characteristics. Small products have a $5 shipping fee, and larger products have a $10 shipping fee. Some specialized products have their own rates, so be sure to be on the lookout for those.

Flat-rate shipping is the simplest method. As the name suggests, it consists of a flat fee for all shipments.

Use the method that best fits your needs. Just remember, clients may leave their products on their shopping cart if the shipment fees are too high.

Marketing Strategy


Dedicate time to your marketing strategy.

Sure, spend time designing your logo and website, as visuals are essential. But remember that a beautiful webpage is useless without traffic.

If you have zero knowledge, or you are not feeling 100% sure about your marketing abilities, don’t worry. There are always options.

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