10 Great Valentine’s Day Products to Sell Online in 2022

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We are just in the middle of January, which means it is time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day! Just a little under a month away, we want to make sure that you (and your Shopify dropshipping store) are prepared for flowers, lovebirds and winning products. Follow along to get your ideas going for this year’s top Valentine’s Day products. 

1. Gold color heart necklace
heart necklace trend
2. Rose teddy bear
teddy bear rose trend
3. Photo film roll keychain
photo film
4. Photo projection necklace
projection necklace
5. Rose in a glass dome
rose in glass
6. Electric neck massager
neck massager
7. Customized bracelet
customized bracelet
8. Cat cups for couples
cat cups
9. Romantic 3D lamp
3d lamp
10. Mini Led speaker
bluetooth speaker
What to Look For in Valentine’s Day Products
  • Giftable: The product you choose needs to be something that people want to give others. Think jewelry, candles, and toys. 
  • Hobby Products: For the more sentimental gifter, they are looking for products that would connect with their partner. For example, if the person loves cooking, they would find a cute kitchen set for a gift. 
  • Love: Think of anything that reminds you of love! Hearts, roses and the color red are always a classic.
  • Personalized: Products that can be personalized are a big hit during Valentine’s Day. People during this time are more likely to gift custom photos or jewelry.
Tips for Setting Up Your Store for Valentine’s Day

Keep in mind that online stores are the most popular place for Valentine’s Day shopping, accounting for 38% of all spending.

So make sure that your dropshipping store is set up for success!

Besides adding more products to your store, think about setting up digital gift cards. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to pay attention to your products’ shipping times in AliExpress! Make sure products can arrive between 4-7 days, as you want to make sure the gift is delivered on time.

Start your advertising and email marketing campaigns early, so that you can get orders in advance to make sure that products arrive on time.

Head over to RondeVu and begin finding trending products with our product research tool. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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