10 Product Research Tips To Successful Ecommerce & Dropshipping

Wanting to start your own dropshipping business by researching is something worth celebrating. Not many people commit to fulfilling a dream through discipline and effort.

We want to help, so here are 10 dropshipping product research tools and tips you can use:

1-. Research Through Hashtags on Social Media


Trending and interesting products are a must in a successful dropshipping business, so searching through hashtags is a great way to start.

Search your preferred social media, think of an industry you are interested in, write down ANYTHING related to it, and then search for those hashtags. Analyze the posts/pictures you see there, then take what’s useful for you and your business.

If you can’t think of any hashtags, don’t worry! There are sites like Hashtags for likes and Tags finder designed to discover trending hashtags.

2-. Check Local Stores


Local stores have existed longer than any ecommerce store, and they’re still profitable. If you already have a product or category in mind, go directly to a specialized store. If not, go to general stores.

Walk around, see the different categories they have to offer, then check for subcategories. Do this until you find something that captures your attention.

3-. Check SubReddits


f your goal is a successful dropshipping business, then trending products are your go-to option. And what better way to know what’s trending than to know what people are talking about.

Hop on Reddit. It is a great product research tool for dropshipping. Just go directly to the search bar, and look for any particular topics or categories. You can even post on Reddit yourself, you’d be surprised at the amount of insight you can get.


4-. Use Quora as a Source of Ideas

Usually, the “not knowing what to sell” problem comes with the question “what do people want/need?”. Answering that is easy: just ask.

On Quora, people ask things such as “How can I entertain my pet parrot?”, and people reply! So take advantage of that. Have a new product improvement? Ask people for their opinion.

Be open to feedback. It will save you time and money in the long run.

5-. Look for Product Reviews


Speaking of product improvements. Think of any product you’ve used or consumed before, and you might find something you dislike or wish to modify. If that’s the case, there will be others who think the same way.

Go to product reviews, learn what the consumers think about it, how they feel, and most importantly, what changes they would like. Something as simple as a change in color can make a 1-star product a best-selling cash cow.

6-. Google Trends


No one wants to start a brand with products that won’t sell next year.

Go to Google Trends. It’s an excellent tool to learn about the market’s decline, growth and stability.

Look for an interesting trend, go to its origin (or as early as possible), and check the market’s behavior over time. A stable or consistent trend is fine, but a growing one is better.

Remember, use Google Trends as an ecommerce market tool, not as a keyword tool. If you are looking for keywords, you’ll have better luck with Google Adwords.

7-. What Are Competitors Doing?

Who are you up against?

It’s something important to think about when planning a dropshipping strategy. Research your competition, learn about their keywords, and use them to validate your ideas.

But don’t just stop there. Analyze your competitors’ public relations strategy. Study their content, copywriting, how often they post and where. Also, think about how you’ll overtake them by looking for gaps in their strategy.

8-. Research High Demand Products

Still no idea of what to sell? Gain inspiration by searching for high demand or best-selling products.

If it’s not your case, and you already have a niche to work with, follow the same process, but do it only in categories similar to yours.


9-. Search on AliExpress


New ideas can come up by looking at a wide menu. There might be some products or categories you didn’t think about.

Want to know which is the world’s most extensive product menu? AliExpress.

If you wish to find hot products before they go trending, go to RondeVu and check our Toolkit. Among other things, we offer excellent business insight thanks to the continuous monitoring of AliExpress.

10-. Use Product Research Softwares

What makes a dropshipping business great is the presence of an excellent supplier. And as we know, an excellent supplier is the one with a wide menu.

Searching for large sources of products is an excellent choice. However, it is time-consuming. Here is when a dropshipping product research software comes in handy.

Through our dropshipping product research tool, RondeVu, you’re able to search using categories, sub-categories and even countries from which products can be shipped to your customers.