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What does “Mapping required” order status mean?

Mapping Required means Error importing an order from Shopify. This status is assigned to the order if there is an unrecognized product where there is no mapping with any specific product in AliExpress. What to do? Go to Manage Orders Click …

How to perform forced cancellation of an order?

In order to cancel an order in RondeVu, users must click on these buttons in the order card: More Actions  Mark for cancellation  These orders will be displayed with the status “Must be canceled”.

How can I force order fulfillment?

In order to mark an order complete in RondeVu, users must click on these buttons in the order card: More Actions  Mark as fulfilled These orders will be displayed with the status Fulfilled.

How can I track my order?

Order tracking functionality is available on our platform. This requires: Go to Manage orders Click on the order card Click on the “Track” in the Status field

How do I update the order information and its delivery method?

On our platform in Manage Orders section, you can update the information and delivery method of the order. After paying for the order, you need to click on the Update button to update the order status. In order to change …

How do I place orders on AliExpress?

To place orders on AliExpress you need to add your AliExpress account to the Whitelist.  Steps: Go to Order Settings Click on the “Whitelist Account” button This will take you to the AliExpress page A notification should appear on the …

Which orders appear in RondeVu?

To have orders appear in RondeVu, they must be checked as “Mark as Paid” in Shopify. If you do not do this, the order will remain in Drafts and not be imported into RondeVu.

How can I view a customer order?

Go to section Manage Orders. In the order card, you can see information about the customer who made the order. When you click on the order, you will see more detailed information. In the Customer field, you can find the …

10 Product Research Tips To Successful Ecommerce & Dropshipping

Wanting to start your own dropshipping business by researching is something worth celebrating. Not many people commit to fulfilling a dream through discipline and effort. We want to help, so here are 10 dropshipping product research tools and tips you …