9 latest RondeVu updates you don’t want to miss

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1. Product Research improved

  • Research tool with filters
    You are now able to research products using categories, sub-categories and even countries from which they can be shipped to your customers
  • Verified products by AliExpress
    Under this new feature, suppliers have been verified by Alibaba Group to have the ability to handle and fulfill large order quantities (1000 orders per month or more)

2. New section Favorite Products

  • Now products can be added to “Favorite Products” not only from “AliExpress Products”, also from “Shopify” and “Trending Products” sections.
  • Sorting, filtering and searching functions are now also available in the “Favorite Products” section.
  • You can add one or several products to “Draft Products” and import them to Shopify store directly from Favorite products

3. Multiple store support

  • You can import products from AliExpress to two stores at once.
  • If you have more than one store, you can choose the desired store when adding products to draft

4. New opportunities with RondeVu Chrome Extension

  • Direct import from AliExpress
    Users now have opportunity to import products directly from AliExpress.
  • AutoUpdate
    After adding/removing the store in RondeVu, the AliExpress page is automatically updated too.

5. Change Supplier

You found same product with cheaper price? you can now easily switch to a different supplier within seconds

6. Onboarding became easier

7. Draft Products integrated

  • When you discard products from draft in RondeVu they automatically discarded from Shopify store too
  • The possibility of changing the picture of a product variant have been implemented, in the VARIANTS and IMAGE tabs.

8. Manage Shipping

You can set an optimal (by price and/or delivery time) shipping method to a certain country for the product
How to set shipping options

9. Order Fulfillment became faster

Full integration with AliExpress is achieved. Thanks to this, now order fulfillment became faster, reducing processing time from average 5 minutes to few seconds!