A Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online Without Breaking the Bank

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Over the past few years, a lot of articles have emerged on the concept of the dropshipping business, specifically claims to making easy online money, while you have the ability to travel the world and become your own boss. Although many gurus are talking about becoming overnight millionaires, it’s important to understand that it will still require time and effort in order to grow a successful business.

Today, RondeVu can help you open your online business without investing much money and without being stuck with inventory you don’t need. If you are just beginning your career as an entrepreneur, or looking to invest in a new business, this four part series can inform you on all the basics of working with dropshipping, opening up an Ecommerce company, creating an internet business, and becoming an Amazon FBA seller. In simpler terms, how to sell stuff online and scale it.

Part 1: Opening a Dropshipping Store and Using a China Supplier to Fulfill Orders

First, decide where you would like to host your new online retail store, either through Shopify Ecommerce or Square Ecommerce. We recommend using a Shopify online store since it is one of the top Ecommerce websites and is easy to navigate for Ecommerce shopping. Shopify also offers integration with thousands of applications, which you may want to use including Abandoned Cart emails, discount pop ups and personalization options for your website. Additionally, Shopify provides a payment processor making it easy for you to provide your bank information to deposit money from sales. Shopify provides a one month free trial and free templates that you can choose from.

After you have opened and set up your store, you will now need to figure out what products to sell. It can be a hassle to continuously look for top selling products and determining things to sell online, so RondeVu has simplified the process. Through RondeVu, you can search for trending products to sell and add your favorite items to your Ecommerce shop by uploading product photos directly from RondeVu and setting your own prices. You can also connect your Shopify account to RondeVu and directly push products to your store. RondeVu is updated every 48 hours to reflect top trending products, meaning you will always know which products are currently popular amongst consumers.

If you Google AliExpress, you will discover it is a Chinese manufacturing Ecommerce business, so all products are from a Chinese company and shipped directly from China. Without going through a distributor, you will be going straight to the source making your products cheaper to purchase on the backend. Sites like Ali Express provide products that are easy for you to purchase and will directly ship to the consumer through their website. With a My Aliexpress account, you can manage your orders and only purchase products that have already been purchased by customers through your online business. Essentially, when you sell a product you will only buy the exact quantity to send to the customer after you already received the money for it on Shopify. This minimizes your investment risk since there will not be any leftover inventory. As a dropshipper, you will never see your product upfront, items ordered will be directly shipped to your customer through AliExpress.

Part 2: Advertising on Social Media as an Internet Marketer

After your Ecommerce business has opened and you find products you want to sell, start running ads on social media to get people to come to your site. If this is your first time with Ecommerce marketing, RondeVu Academy provides a full Ecommerce social media marketing course that walks you through running ads with Facebook and Instagram. Their internet business services makes it easy for dropshippers to promote their online store and retarget consumers who have shown interest in your products.

Top internet companies make their sales through social media advertising and once you have grasped this skill, your new online commerce shop will see a growth in sales and customer traffic. The majority of your budget to create a new online store will go towards advertising. RondeVu Academy offers the full social media marketing course in your subscription with an in depth analysis on how to budget your advertising spend.

Part 3: Ecommerce Management and Using Local Fulfilment Services

Congratulations, you now have a successful Ecommerce store! Now comes the scaling part of your Ecommerce business. Once you have been consistently selling and making a profit from winning products, it is time to step up your game. Buy your winning product in bulk and import it into a warehouse either in the U.S. or country that product has been selling successfully in. Instead of directly shipping products from China, purchasing China wholesale means you can do faster shipping by selling in the country you are shipping within. This is especially useful when you sell products which people need by a specific date (for example if they are buying Christmas gifts from you). Happy customer, happy life.

This may sound like a lot of work, but you still will not be seeing your product or having to fulfill orders yourself. The products you purchase from a wholesaler will then go directly to a warehouse in the country where you imported it and the warehouse will fulfill shipments. By working with a more local fulfillment center, customers can expect faster shipping creating a new incentive to purchase. RondeVu will soon be offering a fully automated service to import your product to the United States in order to simplify the process for its users.

Part 4: Creating an Amazon Listing For Organic Sales

Now that you have become an internet commerce specialist, it is time to invest in Amazon Ecommerce. As another sales channel, you can make an Amazon listing for your product. A lot of consumers that visit your website will also search on Amazon for the same product. By selling items on Amazon through Amazon dropshipping, this allows you to capture that audience as well.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is your place to become an FBA seller. The service allows you to store your products at an Amazon fulfillment center where they will store, pack, and ship orders for you. Through Amazon FBA, customers buying your product on Amazon will receive Prime Shipping for faster delivery. Again, this means you will never have to fulfill or hold your own products. This gives you the freedom to travel and work remotely.

With millions of products for consumers to choose from on Amazon, the next step is to learn about Amazon best sellers. RondeVu is currently adding new courses on listing optimization videos to its Academy section. We will offer services of conducting keyword research and other ways to make your items some of the best selling products on Amazon.

We hope that our quick crash course allowed you to take a look inside the world of running an internet commerce website. Our big picture overview provides insights for those interested in seeing where their online business can one day be seen as top selling items on Amazon. Millionaires weren’t made in just one day, but RondeVu can help speed along the process. Try RondeVu for free and start making money online today!