AliExpress Dropshipping

What is AliExpress? is an Alibaba Group company and by far the largest marketplace for e-commerce drop shipping in the world. With their immense logistical infrastructure, drop shipping suppliers on AliExpress are able to send products to almost anywhere in the world.

What is AliExpress dropshipping?

Dropshipping from AliExpress is a business model where you sell AliExpress products from drop shipping suppliers on your Shopify store without buying products upfront.

After researching products with a dropshipping research tool, then importing products into your e-commerce drop shipping site, you are able to send out orders to AliExpress drop shipping suppliers who can directly ship your products to your customers.

All this is also possible with RondeVu's dropshipping management software to streamline your process!

How to use AliExpress to dropship?

AliExpress dropshipping suppliers can ship out the products to your customers anywhere in the world. Once you get orders on your Shopify store, RondeVu automatically places them on AliExpress.

When you are ready, you can pay for all of the orders you got that day with a single click and the supplier will ship them out to your customers.

As soon as tracking numbers become available, they get transferred to your Shopify store and customers receive an email notification that their order has been shipped out and that they can track it in real time. If this sounds overwhelming, it's not when using RondeVu's drop shipping management software!

How Rondevu Imports Products to Shopify from AliExpress:

RondeVu offers you millions of products which you can choose to import directly to your Shopify store with a single click. The feature allows you to import images, descriptions and variations of a product without needing to manually edit anything in your Shopify store.

As a Verified AliExpress Partner, RondeVu is fully integrated with AliExpress to ensure efficiency for your online drop shipping business.