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Customer service is the number one priority in any ecommerce business when it comes to retention. By having a strong customer support system, it will help you get fewer refund requests and even help improve reviews.

It is important that you always remain polite and understanding towards customers, and begin to collect frequently asked questions to build out an FAQ page.

Many dropshipping store owners look at their store as an easy get rich quick scheme where they can get customers to make impulse purchases, and in this case neglect helping customers after their purchase.

When this happens, dropshipping stores will begin to rack up poor reviews, which can give your store a bad reputation and be the demise of your profit.

89% of customers stop shopping on an online store after they have experienced poor customer service! Don’t be one of those stores.

Why is retaining customers so important?

Because it actually costs less to retain an existing customer and it’s seven times more costly to gain a new customer.

That is why having great customer service can help customers return and continue to purchase from your ecommerce store.

Once a customer continues to return, you can even begin sending email marketing campaigns targeting them to leave good reviews in exchange for a discount on your site.

Additionally, if you are using PayPal, by giving your customers a better experience then you will have less of a chance of getting banned on the payment site.

How to respond to a customer asking for a refund

In your first response back, do not mention the refund. First, you want to show sympathy, ask what is wrong if they have not specified, then check to see if they would like a replacement.

Check with your supplier as well to see if it would be cheaper for your customer to return the product or to keep the product and just be sent a new one.


Hello [Name of Customer],

We are so sorry to hear that your product was not the same as we described in our description. We would be more than happy to send you a replacement free of charge. There will not be a need to send back the original product.

Please let us know how you would like to proceed and do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

Thank you, 

[Your Information]

If your customer still wants a refund after that, then issue the refund, but offer them a discount for their next purchase on your site.

How to respond to a customer asking where their product is

This is going to be a common question especially if you are dropshipping from places like China where shipments can take 2-4 weeks to deliver.


Hello [First Name of Customer],

I have tracked your package at [Link to Tracking Information] and it says [Latest tracking information update here]

We expect your package will arrive before the end of the week. 

Please let us know if your package has not arrived by this time and we will do our best to solve the issue for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions.

Thank you, 

[Your Information]

Ways for your customer to reach you

omnichannel support
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Make your contact information clear across all channels! You can choose to have a phone number, email, live chat and social media.

Email is a must have for any ecommerce business. On Shopify, make sure you have a contact form on your contact page, so when people submit through the contact form, it will directly go to your support email where you can respond.

On your contact page, you can also link your FAQ page, so customers that are awaiting a response can go here to find an answer.

Social media is also a way that customers can reach you, especially through Facebook and Instagram DMs. Expect to check these consistently to make sure you can guide them to the correct contact email or answer directly on social media. 

If you are a one man support system, then having a live chat and phone number can be tricky. So, with a clear contact form on your website it is not necessary to have the additional phone number or live chat. 

Ways to instantly create a better customer experience

  1. Have an FAQ page on your dropshipping store
faq page for dropshipping

You can build out your FAQ page by looking at other dropshipping stores and seeing the kind of questions on their FAQ page. As you begin to receive emails from customers, you can also turn those commonly asked questions into questions for your FAQ page. 

  1. Have a Track Order Page on your dropshipping store

This way customers don’t have to email in to directly find where their package is. They can easily navigate to the tracking page, enter their tracking number and get updates on where their order is.

Shopify apps that integrate into your store include AfterShip, Trackr, and Tracktor. AfterShip will also automatically send notifications to your customers with updates on their order, so customers don’t have to email in with questions!

  1. Make shipping times clear on your dropshipping 

This is important especially since there are so many ecommerce stores nowadays that provide two day delivery options, so it is important that you are upfront with your delivery times.

Have additional questions on how to run customer service or just general questions about your dropshipping store? Don’t be afraid to contact us as well! 

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