How can I track my order?

Order tracking functionality is available on our platform. This requires: Go to Manage orders Click on the order card Click on the “Track” in the Status field

How do I place orders on AliExpress?

To place orders on AliExpress you need to add your AliExpress account to the Whitelist.  Steps: Go to Order Settings Click on the “Whitelist Account” button This will take you to the AliExpress page A notification should appear on the …

Which orders appear in RondeVu?

To have orders appear in RondeVu, they must be checked as “Mark as Paid” in Shopify. If you do not do this, the order will remain in Drafts and not be imported into RondeVu.

How can I view a customer order?

Go to section Manage Orders. In the order card, you can see information about the customer who made the order. When you click on the order, you will see more detailed information. In the Customer field, you can find the …

How often are the products updated?

The products are updated every 48 hours so you can be sure that all information you are seeing is up to date!

How much does the membership cost?

RondeVu offers a free 7-day trial. If you decide to continue using the platform after the trial, it is $29.99/month.

How does RondeVu search for products?

Our complex scraping technology analyzes over 1.3 million products on Ali Express every 48 hours, providing you with numerous analytics regarding its potential, including daily sales, rating, pricing and growth rate. Rondevu also scrapes over 1.1 million Shopify stores, providing …

Is this tool for people who are already experienced in dropshipping & e-commerce?

Absolutely not! The subscription includes access to Rondevu Academy – a full A-Z e-commerce and social media marketing course which will show you step by step how to start, maintain and scale your e-commerce business!