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Is this your first time building an e-commerce dropshipping store? Or need a refresh on building another store? To help set you up for success, we have created a checklist to make sure that you don’t miss a step!

This checklist is just a list of items you need to complete in order to successfully launch your e-commerce dropshipping store. Starting a new business can feel overwhelming, so follow along, or use this checklist when your store is ready for set up.

  1. Choose Domain Name:
    • Buy your custom domain (you can even do this through Shopify!)
  1. Create Important Website Pages:
    • Home Page
    • About Page
    • Contact Page
    • FAQ Page
    • Terms of Service
    • Privacy
  1. Optimize Checkout Process
    • Can customers easily edit their cart?
    • Do shipping rates appear during checkout?
    • Is it easy to apply discount codes?
    • Are there multiple payment options?
    • Can customers easily enter shipping information?
    • Are all your email confirmations set up for post purchase?
    • Can customers switch language and currency?
  1. Search Engine Optimization
    • Keyword Research: List of keywords for customers to find your store
    • Keyword Optimization: Using your list of keywords in descriptions, meta titles, and across website
    • Alt Attributes for Images: Update Image meta descriptions 
    • Setup Blog for content marketing
  1. Set up Email Marketing
    • Welcome Emails
    • Abandoned Cart Emails
    • Order Confirmation Emails
    • Shipping Notification Emails
  1. Set up Google Analytics

7. Integrate all Necessary Shopify Apps

shop launch

8. Now it’s time to test your e-commerce dropshipping store! Access the front of your website like a customer, and go through the customer experience to see if you are missing anything if anything needs updating.

9. And the final step! It is time to launch your store! Looking to add more products to your store? Head to RondeVu and use our product research tool to add more products that are analytically proven to be best-sellers! Even easier, sign up for RondeVu and easily integrate your Shopify store to our dropshipping management software.

We can’t wait for you to launch!

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