Dropshipping Fulfillment Services

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products without buying them upfront, meaning you never have to hold your inventory or experience large quantities of leftover products. This allows you to start an online business without needing to invest and risk thousands of dollars.

To get started, just open an online store (we suggest using Shopify), and integrate your store to RondeVu, an industry-leading e-commerce dropshipping fulfillment service, in order to import products to your online store from

With Rondevu's e-commerce fulfillment services, you can send orders to dropshipping suppliers on when a customer orders your product, and have your product directly shipped to your customer. That's right - the product your customer just purchased is never seen or touched by you, simplifying your business model.

For example, a product on costs $5, you sell it on your Online Store for $15, keeping the $10 as profit. Pretty straight forward!

Dropshipping fulfillment services and our process for dropshipping fulfillment:

Dropshipping fulfillment services refers to technology that allows for suppliers to ship out the products that you sold on your Shopify Store directly to your customers. Dropshipping software like RondeVu automates this process and makes it incredibly easy to fulfill and manage all your orders.

Because of the direct API integration with AliExpress, RondeVu processes all of your Shopify orders automatically, all you need need to do at the end of the day is pay for them in bulk with a single click, and dropshipping suppliers will receive payment, ship out your product to customers, and provide you with tracking numbers.

Not only does RondeVu help you fulfill orders for your e-commerce dropshipping business, we also have dropshipping management software to allow you to easily oversee your store.

Why Us?

RondeVu is an official Verified AliExpress partner allowing you to start, maintain, and scale your online business in a streamlined fashion. Suppliers on our platform are stable and verified, so you never have to worry about buyers never receiving their orders, or suppliers providing inaccurate descriptions of their products.

Since RondeVu has a direct API integration with AliExpress, we are able to automatically process your orders as soon as they appear in your Shopify store.

RondeVu's dropshipping management software not only manages your store for you once you are set up, but can also provide research and data to help you succeed.

Our dropshipping software provides in depth analysis of competitors, showing you other e-commerce drop shipping Shopify stores selling the same product and insights into their pricing and online business. This dropshipping research tool shows an analysis into the best products on AliExpress with data trends on products and their sales. Start using RondeVu today to begin scaling your Shopify dropshipping business.