Dropshipping Product Research Tool

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business model where you sell products without buying them upfront. This allows you to start an online business without needing to invest and risk thousands of dollars. The way it works is you open an online store (we always suggest using Shopify), and then use RondeVu – industry leading dropshipping software – in order to import products to your online store from

When someone buys the product from your store, RondeVu provides drop shipping fulfillment services by sending the orders to the supplier on so that they could ship out the products directly to your customers.

For example, when dropshipping with AliExpress, a product can cost $5, you sell it on your Online Store for $15, keeping the $10 as profit. Pretty straight forward!

Many entrepreneurs like yourself use drop shipping management software to streamline their e-commerce drop shipping business and have the ability to find products to sell without actually ever having to hold inventory.

What is product research tool?

RondeVu – A product research tool is an analytics software which provides you data on the sales, trendiness and popularity of a product, helping you make a decision on what you should and shouldn't sell.

Why do you need a product research tool?

Picking the right products will make or break your business, because you obviously only want to invest time and money into advertising products that people actually want to buy! This is why using RondeVu is crucial to your success with a dropshipping business.

Why Us? Benefits of using product research tool & e-commerce fulfillment services:

There are numerous reasons for choosing RondeVu in order to start, maintain, and scale your e-commerce dropshipping business.

Product research is one of the most important aspects of running a dropshipping business. Having the right data and analytics when choosing which products you want to start advertising and selling can be the thing that makes or breaks your entire business.

Reason for that is if you continue trying to sell products that you “think” are good, but it then turns out this product is actually not popular and no one wants to buy it, you will waste an enormous amount of time and money trying to advertise.

Being an official verified AliExpress partner, the drop shipping suppliers we provide when you choose to do drop shipping with AliExpress on the platform are stable and verified.

You never need to worry about your customers not receiving their orders, or the supplier providing inaccurate descriptions of the product.

Since RondeVu has a direct API integration with AliExpress, you do not need to manually process your orders, all orders get processed and available to be paid for and shipped out as soon as they appear in your Shopify Store. This makes drop shipping with Shopify a breeze.