Step 5. Order Fulf...
Step 5. Order Fulfillment
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Sep 29, 2021
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Now when your orders fly in, they automatically get processed and placed on AliExpress. The only thing you need to do is pay for them so the supplier can ship them out  to your customers:

  1. Go to My Orders section
  2. Click filter “Awaiting Payment” and select all orders you want to pay for
  3. Click Pay for N orders button, or if you’re paying only for one order press the three-dots menu on the order and select Pay
  4. A new tab with AliExpress page will automatically open, select the payment method you have saved on your AliExpress account and press Pay Now.
    For this step to work correctly make sure you’ve filled in Order Settings in previous Step 4

You can also find additional information in our Academy- RondeVu Start guide- Fulfilling orders