Get Started with RondeVu

STEP 1. Create a Store

You need to have a Shopify store, this will allow you to start using  features such as single click product import, product & supplier managements, and fully automated order fulfillment.

You can watch how to open store in our Academy -> How To Open Your Shopify Store

STEP 2. Connect Your Store

You can then connect your store to RondeVu

STEP 3. Install RondeVu Chrome extension

Install RondeVu Chrome extension, so you can import products directly to your Shopify Store from AliExpress and fulfill orders

STEP 4. Search Products for Your Store
  • Search products in RondeVu using AliExpress Products tool
    Search for products by categories, explore product statistics, and Add to My products the products you want to import to your Shopify store to start selling
  • Discover what your competitors are selling using Shopify Products tool
    You can spy on potential competitors, search for the product titles and see how many stores sell a specific product.
    We have over 1 milliard of products from Shopify!
  • Search products in AliExpress
    If you browsed AliExpress and found a cool product you’d like to sell, you can Import it directly to your Shopify Store  using the Rondevu Chrome extension
STEP 5. Customize Product Description

After you found the products you want to sell, you want to publish those products on your Shopify store to make them available to your customers. It can be done with a single click!

  1. Go to My Products,  edit your products (price, description, etc)  and then publish them to your Shopify store using “Publish” button in product detail view, or Select all draft products and press “Publish”.
  2. Now your products are ready to be sold! Learn how to advertise your store in our Academy -> Module 5 Advertising or in our blog Strategic Marketing for Your Dropshipping Business
STEP 6. Fill in Order settings for Fulfillment

When new orders come to your Shopify store, they are transferred to RondeVu, you may see them in the My Orders.

In order for the orders to be automatically processed  on AliExpress, you will need to do the following in the Order Settings:

  1. Go to My Orders and press Settings icon on the top right
  2. Press “+ Whitelist Account” to link your RondeVu account to the AliExpress whitelist account.
    The AliExpress whitelist allow our users to:
    – Place an unlimited amount of orders without restrictions
    – Fulfill all your awaiting orders on RondeVu in a matter of seconds
    If you don’t have an AliExpress account yet, check out our video tutorial in the Academy -> How To Open Your AliExpress Account
  3. Specify Order Shipping options, or use the default option
  4. Set up Fulfillment settings
  5. Press “Save changes” button
  6. Please make sure you’ve downloaded RondeVu Extension for AliExpress!
STEP 7. Order Fulfillment

Now when your orders fly in, they automatically get processed and placed on AliExpress. The only thing you need to do is pay for them so the supplier can ship them out  to your customers:

  1. Go to My Orders section
  2. Click filter “Awaiting Payment” and select all orders you want to pay for
  3. Click “Pay for N orders” button, or if you’re paying only for one order press the three-dots menu on the order and select “Pay”
  4. A new tab with AliExpress page will automatically open, select the payment method you have saved on your AliExpress account and press Pay Now.
    For this step to work correctly make sure you’ve filled in Order Settings in previous Step 6

If you have any questions along your dropshipping journey do not hesitate to contact us in any form convenient for you – Press “Help center” button on the left bottom