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You have done all the steps to create a beautiful storefront for your dropshipping business, but now you’re running into a new problem.
You can’t seem to make a sale!
There can be a lot of different reasons why this happens, but don’t worry, the first sale is tough for everyone.

First you may need to find out what resonates with your audience which can be a combination of ads, descriptions, images and prices that you are using.

Remember, you are also competing with a lot of other ecommerce stores that can be selling the same product and already know what they are doing while you are brand new to the game. 

Here are some tips that you can use to help get your first sale.

  1. View Dropshipping as a Business

This is what we mean by that: Don’t view dropshipping as a get rich quick business, but view it as a business that you can grow and scale. Recognize that you do need to put in the work in order to succeed!

  1. Find Your Marketing Channel

Like any ecommerce company, utilize ads. Try places like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram influencers, TikTok, and Pinterest. These are all great places to test your ads and see what channel resonates most with your customer. 

Learn more on marketing strategies and different ad channels in our blog Strategic Marketing for Your Dropshipping Business.

  1. Analyze Your Customer Journey

The best way is to look at your user experience on your website and go through the purchase funnel much like how your customer would do.

Add an item to your cart, and walk yourself through the checkout process. If you already have visitors to your website, then take a look at where your customers are dropping off.

Are they placing the product in the cart and then not checking out? Or do they get to the checkout page and never go through with their order?

Some of these can be because your checkout process is too long or tedious, or your shipping cost is too high.

Some ways to improve the purchase process can be:

  • Don’t make your customers create an account to checkout, instead let them have the option to checkout as a guest
  • Show the shipping fee in the cart or offer free shipping
  • Change your target audience
  • Have friends and family go through the purchase process and have them provide feedback
  1. Start a Blog

Having a blog will provide your customers another way to hear about your brand and learn about your products. This would also allow you to rank higher on Google and improve your SEO!

  1. Offer Discounts

You can either offer a discount for everyone visiting your dropshipping store and have abandoned their carts or offer a pop up on your website that gives all new customers a discount.

Additionally, you can even offer customers a discount for signing up to receive email newsletters from your website. This is a great way to retarget customers even after you have made a sale.

  1. Optimize Your Conversion Rate

You want to provide your customers with the best user experience as you can when they visit your dropshipping store, no one wants to shop on a site that looks like it has been made poorly. This means you want to create a page that is trustworthy to your customers! 

Here a couple things to improve your brand image: 

  • High quality product images
  • Rich product description
  • Enough payment options
  • Easy to navigate website
  • FAQ page, Contact page, and About page
  1. Strategize Pricing

There are multiple ways that you can price your product. If you are not selling it could mean that your pricing of the product is too high. Have you chosen the correct price for your product? To learn more, read Pricing Strategy for Your Dropshipping Store.

  1. Know When to Take Down a Product

If you have tried everything and nothing is working, then always know when it’s time to move on to a different product. If you have been on RondeVu, we provide you with a list of winning products, which are products that are popular. But, these can always be changing as people’s interests change.

So, you can always find a new winning product that people are interested in and move on from the old. This does not mean you have failed, it just means that customer interests have shifted. So, always be able to adapt!

Ready to make your first sale? Head on over to RondeVu and happy dropshipping! 

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