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The holiday season is once again upon us! Which means as suppliers, we need to turn and focus on unique and fun popular products that our customers are looking towards for gifting to friends and family.
Get ahead of the game with this year’s top 5 trending products that can be marketed as the gifts you want to give. 
1. Decorative Bottles

It’s no secret with the COVID lockdown, people have turned their attention to home improvement and decor. Decorative bottles include vases, urns and rustic-esque jars to add a nice accent to any home. Decorative bottles have also experienced a year-over-year growth of 438% globally, with the top selling country being the United Kingdom.

2. Neon Signs

The popularity of neon signs can be due to the rise of its popularity in weddings, parties, restaurants and of course, all over influencers’ Instagram. This means its the right product to push social media ads with. “Neon sign for room” garnered 22K searches per month and “Cheap neon signs” garnered 6.6K searches per month, just to show you its prowess in the United States.

3. Projectors

Speaking of top searches, projectors are searched for about 550,000 times a month. Projectors are making a comeback. Hop on the trend as it’s time to market a product that is small enough to gift and widely popular. Did we mention there is a year-over-year growth of 294% globally for this product with its top selling country being Brazil? The more you know… 

4. Shoes

Shoes are a huge category, so make sure if you decide to sell shoes you focus on one specific audience. Maybe shoes for men or shoes that help cure feet problems. Shoes also have a year-over-year growth of 1,086%, with the top selling country being Canada. With Adidas and Nike leading the industry, focus your attention on targeting niche audiences like dress shoes for men – for when you don’t know what to get the man in your life.

5. Toys

A product category that NEVER goes out of style. Toys have a year-over-year growth of 1,239%! The holiday season means Santa is coming, which means all toys will be in high demand. Think games, puzzles, toddler toys, and arts and crafts. Their top selling country is Canada. 

Now It’s Your Turn!

These product highlights are just some of the many to choose from on trending products to sell this year. As a new (or established) dropshipper, it is now easier than ever to find top selling products on RondeVu with our weekly list of popular products exclusively made for you. If you are looking to grow your business and find best-selling products, start your 7-Day Free Trial today

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    I’m so surprised some kind of solar panel isn’t on this list. Was very informative nonetheless. Thank you for sharing your research.

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