How do I pay for the orders?

On RondeVu platform, you can pay for one or several orders at the same time. To do this, you need to:

1. Go to My Orders section

2. Select status “Awaiting Payment” and then select all orders you want to pay for

3. Click on button Pay for N orders, or if you’re paying only for one order, press the drop-down menu on the order and select Pay

4. A new tab with AliExpress page will automatically open. Select the payment method you have saved on your AliExpress account and press Pay Now.

5. Orders’ statuses will automatically change from Awaiting payment to Awaiting shipment within 30 minutes, if do not want to wait you can do it manually by clicking Update orders

Please see additional information in our Academy- RondeVu Start guide- Fulfilling orders

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