How do I set up shipping options to my customers?

The Set Shipping Options module is needed to select shipping methods (to your customers) within a single product. These settings are saved for future orders of this product.

To set the shipping methods to different countries for a specific product:

1. Go to the My Products and on a selected product click Set Shipping Options, you can do it from:

a) Three dots menu

b) In the product card

2. Next, a new window opens for shipping settings.

3. Click on the “Popular Countries” or “Add Country” button. When choosing the first option, you will only have to select delivery methods, since the list of countries will already be displayed.

When clicking on “Add Country,” select both the country and the shipping method.

4. After all the delivery settings, you need to click on the “Save” button and save the data. 

After you clicked on the Save button you will be notified if it is saved successfully.

You can also find additional information in our Academy- RondeVu Start guide- Product Management