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Congratulations, you have officially decided to start your journey into the e-commerce dropshipping world! But you may be asking yourself, where should I begin when it comes to diving into a saturated market like e-commerce dropshipping?

In today’s guide, we teach you the ropes of dropshipping management software, how to use it to your advantage, and where to begin with your branding and marketing strategy.

1. Find Your Target Audience and Niche

The first step to any e-commerce dropshipping store is determining who you would want to sell to and what kind of product you want to sell. When we think of a target audience a lot of people only focus on demographic information like age, gender, location.

But, this means you are missing out on psychographic information. When we look at psychographic information, this relates to wants, needs, and interests of your audience.

For example: 

  • Demographic Target Audience: I want to sell to 45 year old women
  • Psychographic Target Audience: I want to sell to 45 year old moms, who have an interest in gardening and going to their kids’ sports events.
e-commerce customers

By focusing on psychographic details, you are able to picture a more clear target audience and gauge more of what they might be interested in. Now we went from a generic audience to something way more specific, which gives you a more clear image of what your target audience would like to purchase.

Don’t forget to do your research! Looking up different consumer data can also help you determine what audience loves to shop online, and which ones spend the most money.

Use these analytics to help create a clear picture of what you would like to sell in your store!

2. Product Research

Next, it’s time to find “winning products”. You may think that this is going to be tedious work, or even something you need to do a lot of research into, but with dropshipping software like RondeVu, you can find winning products daily with the dropshipping research tool.

You can search AliExpress products and an analysis of price, growth and daily sales to track popularity of products. For our example of 45 years old moms who enjoy to garden, in the search bar you can search “gardening tool” and find all sorts of trending products in that category. 

You can even toggle on our Verified Dropshipping Supplier button in order to find products that AliExpress has verified as a proper dropshipping supplier. There are plenty of options available, and you can see daily orders and trends for each product, so you always know what is in demand.

Pro Tip: Only search for products that are from Verified dropshipping suppliers, so you know products are coming from a trusted source.

3. Creating a Brand

What goes into a brand? The most important is coming up with a name, a logo and brand colors. Creating a strong brand is a key for people to recognize your store and be able to connect your products to your store.

e-commerce store brand

For example, since you have chosen to sell to 45 year old moms, who have an interest in gardening and going to their kids’ sports events, we can say that you want to set up a gardening store.

When choosing the logo and brand colors, make sure to choose something that resonates with the product. So for us, we could use greens and yellow.

Brand Color Tip: Choose 3 colors that complement each other! So your colors can be green as your main color, yellow as the secondary color and black and the accent color.

4. Build Your Store

Now it’s time to set up your store. The easiest way to build your store is through Shopify. Shopify has pre-made templates, so even though you never went to school for graphic design, you can use a template and just drop in all your information. Templates also allow you to customize as much as you would like, like changing colors, adding pages, etc.

shopify store builder

Additionally, with Rondevu’s dropshipping management software, your Shopify account can be easily integrated into the RondeVu platform, which means that with just a click of a button, you can add winning products to your active storefront and begin selling instantly.

Importing Products With RondeVu

RondeVu is also integrated with Shopify, meaning that you can easily connect your store, import products and fulfill your orders through the platform!

After you have the foundations of your store down, it is time to import products from RondeVu using dropshipping research tool. Much like where you looked during your initial research, now you can actually use the research tool and import the products directly to your store.

All you need is just push them through to your shop, and within minutes you could start making sales. It is as simple as that.

import to dropshipping store

5. Product Descriptions

OK, so now you have this amazing product you want to begin selling. It’s important that you have a rich description of your product. This means you provide all the details of what your product does, and even add in why this product is useful/why your customer needs the product can help people resonate with what you are selling. 

And how do you figure out pricing you may ask? On the Rondevu dropshipping software, there is a Shopify Products tab also know as the Spy Tool.

You can use this dropshipping research tool, type in the product you are interested in selling, and the software will scan over 4 million Shopify stores and give you data and price points on all these stores that are already selling the product you are considering selling.

dropshipping Shopify competitors

6. Social Media Build Out

In a world of social media, the first thing people will do is check you out on places like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. It is important for any business to have a social media presence.

social media

You want to create an account with:

Then, we suggest that you begin posting once a day, and once you have 10 or more posts, you can post 3 times a week. This shows that your dropshipping business is active on social media, which gives customers a sense of security that your company is real. 

Influencers and ambassadors are also a great way to gain sales. We suggest you begin this marketing campaign once you have a more established social media presence. 

7. It’s All About Testing! 

Marketing is all about testing! In order to see what works for your store, you are going to have to test it out.

We suggest looking at Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads to begin selling your product. Then look at your cost per acquisition – are you breaking even? Are you making money or losing money? These are all things you need to be paying attention to in order to optimize your marketing efforts! 

And with RondeVu looking after all your e-commerce fulfillmement services dropshipping with Shiopify, you have time to focus on other aspects of your business like marketing and expanding your business!

Good luck and happy dropshipping!

Have questions? Email us at! Our support team is always here to help, so you can make sure that RondeVu is the right fit for you and your new online dropshipping store.

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