How do I publish my products on Shopify from RondeVu?

1. You can add products from Find products tab – AliExpress, Shopify, import via AliExpress link/Product ID or image and using RondeVu browser extension

2.  Added products get into My Products in RondeVu and as draft products in Shopify

3. In My Products, you can edit the description, pictures, price, product options. After completing the product editing process, click on the “Save” button to save the changes

4. To add products into Shopify online store, click on the “Publish” button.

Your product is successfully published on your online store!

Pro tip: You can also publish multiple products (up to 10 at once) to your Shopify store:

1.After you have edited and established prices for several products click on Draft filter on the top of the page

2. Select products you would like to make available on your online store by checking boxes next to them

3. And then click on Publish N product(s) button

4. Your products successfully published to your store and are ready to be sold!