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If you are new to the dropshipping world, this guide will help you find the best products from AliExpress and automate your product and data import.

RondeVu offers dropshipping and ecommerce solutions. With our toolkit, you’ll understand what to sell, which markets to target and, of course, how much to charge.

Also, you’ll be part of the RondeVu Academy, where you’ll get all the needed information on how to have a successful business, as well as having social media marketing courses.

Step 1: Create or Connect Your Shopify Store

If you already have your Shopify store, connect it by clicking on “Shopify Account.” You can find it in the “Your Store” tab. We recommend creating your store at Shopify if you still don’t have one.

After connecting your Shopify store, you’ll be able to use RondeVu at full potential because you’ll have access to features such as a single click to import products and their data.

Step 2: Find Products to Sell

If you want to improve your search for trending products and find the best dropshipping suppliers from AliExpress, here’s a couple of options for you:

Option 1:

Using the RondeVu AliExpress Products Tool, you can search products by categories and explore more details about the products you are interested in.

Before selling, import the products you want using the “Add to draft” option.

Check Module 4, “Using AliExpress Scraper” of our Academy, and learn more about it.

Option 2:

Want to know more about potential competitors? Learn how many stores sell a specific product using the RondeVu Shopify Products Tool.

Check Module 4, “Using Shopify Store Scraper” of our Academy, and learn more.


With the RondeVu Chrome Extension, you’ll be able to import to your site all the products you like from AliExpress.

All the imported products will be shown in the Draft Product Section.

Step 3: Importing Products to Your Shopify Store

Import the selected products into your Shopify store with a single click.

In the Draft Products section, you can edit the product’s details. You can import a single product using the “Import to Shopify” button. If you wish to import all the products, press “Import Products to Shopify.”

After that, you are all set to begin selling.  

Step 4: Fill in Order Settings for Fulfillment

To automatize the processed orders, follow these steps:

First, create an AliExpress account. Feel free to check our tutorial “How to open your AliExpress Account” you can find it in the first module of the Academy.

We also recommend downloading the RondeVu Extension for AliExpress to make things go smoother.

  1. Go to the Order Settings section.
  2. Link your RondeVu account to AliExpress using Whitelist Account.
  3. Specify Order Shipping options, or use the default option.
  4. Turn on “Marking Shopify Order as Fulfilled.” That way, the updates will be automatic.
  5. Use the “Update Settings” button.
Step 5: Order Fulfillment

The last step is to pay for the products so that the supplier can ship them out to your customers:

  1. Go to the Manage Orders section.
  2. Click the filter “Awaiting Payment” and select all the orders you want to pay for.
  3. If you are paying for all orders. But if you’re paying only for one order, press the drop-down menu on order, go to More Actions and select Pay.
  4. Click the card icon after a new AliExpress tab opens, select the payment method saved on your AliExpress account and press Pay Now.
New Features and Updates

With our newest feature, “Verified Products,” you’ll be able to find suppliers verified by Alibaba Group quickly.

You can find this new feature in the Ali Express Products section and click the Verified by AliExpress button.

We are also happy to announce that with the new dropshipping product research tool 2022, you’ll be able to research products using categories, sub-categories and even countries from which they can be shipped to your customers.

Go to Product Search and try it yourself!

With these improvements, the dropshipping fulfillment service will be easier and faster.

Happy dropshipping!

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