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Starting a Shopify dropshipping store doesn’t have to be difficult. Especially since it is not uncommon to just open a dropshipping store with one product.

If you are new to starting a dropshipping e-commerce store, having a one product store is a great place to start.

Follow along for tips on how you can succeed with just having a store with one product.

What is one product store?

First, make sure a one product store is what you are looking to do.

A One product store means that your e-commerce store will only be selling a single product.

Other options include a niche store meaning you sell products that fit into one category or niche, and a general store where you sell everything and anything.

Advantages of starting an online one-product store

Creating a one product store, like the other stores does have some nice benefits, especially if you are looking to begin your dropshipping business.

  • With a one product store you can dedicate all your attention to one product and spend your marketing efforts dedicated to this one product.

    But, since you only have one product make sure that you thoroughly research your target audience and test your ad content to optimize your ad performance.
  • Did you know that one of the reasons that Trader Joe’s is so successful is because they actually have less options per product compared to other grocery stores?

    When consumers are overwhelmed with product options, they are less likely to make a choice, so with less options, the human brain can make quicker decisions.

    Overall, the consumer will find the buying process less stressful and improve their decision making.
Tips for Starting Your One Product Store
1. Product Research

Use a product research tool to find top selling products. You can begin your search on RondeVu and even see how many orders have been placed on that one product along with growth trends.

RondeVu also offers the tool to view other Shopify stores that are selling that product so you can see how well those stores are performing and how they are pricing the same product.

Since you are only choosing one product, it’s important to note that you don’t want to choose a fleeting product where it can be a fad product that people can lose interest in down the line.

product research
2. Know Your Audience

Just like you would think to do when marketing your product. It’s important to recognize and create an image of your customer, so you can speak to them through your branding.

You can even read more on strategic marketing for your dropshipping store here. Create a fictional person that is the ideal customer and ask questions like what are their problems, goals, challenges and what do they value?

3. Store Name and Domain

Choose a domain name and a store name that relates to your product and is easily memorable.

This also will help enhance your branding!

Your store name will be what people associate with your product and can help people find trust with your product.

store brand example
One product store name example
4. Finding the Right AliExpress Supplier

On Rondevu, you can make sure that your supplier is a Verified AliExpress supplier, so that they have been vetted and you can always rely on them to deliver your product. It is also important to find a supplier with fast shipping times. Especially with shops like Amazon, you want to be able to be a competitor in the marketplace and deliver products in a timely manner.

verified products
5. Choose A Theme with Shopify

The easiest place to set up an online store is through Shopify as it is one of the easiest commerce platforms to use. Shopify also provides templates (free and paid) that you can choose from based on what kind of store you want to create. 

theme store example
Theme Example – Launch from Shopify
6. Create an Eye Catching Home Page

Since your store only has one product, the two most important things on your website that need to catch your consumer’s attention are the home page and the product page.

Since you only have one product to sell, your homepage can also be a landing page that begins the process of selling your product.

Use lots of images that showcase your product in either lifestyle shots or showing your product in use.

one product page
Eye catching home page of Crown&Paw shop
7. Focus on Attracting Customers Back

This would include setting up your online store through a post purchase journey.

Setup email marketing where you can send customers emails for abandoned carts, or see if they are looking to make the purchase again.

A great thing about this too is that as you grow your online store, you can find more products related to your one product for the chance to upsell additional products to your customers. 

So what are you waiting for? Start finding the perfect product for your one product store on RondeVu today with your 7 day free trial!

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