Managing product and order settings

The default settings will be ideal for most users, but if you can adjust them to your needs.

To establish Settings for products:

  1. Open My products and click on Settings button on the top right
    You can also do it from your account page here

3. Set desired settings in General Settings and Inventory Management tabs

4. Be sure to press the button Save Changes

To set Order settings:

  1. Go to My Orders and press Settings icon on the top right or
  2. Press + Whitelist Account to link your RondeVu account to the AliExpress whitelist account.
    The AliExpress whitelist allow our users to:
    – Place an unlimited amount of orders without restrictions
    – Fulfill all your awaiting orders on RondeVu in a matter of seconds
    If you don’t have an AliExpress account yet, check out our video tutorial in the Academy -> How To Open Your AliExpress Account
  3. Specify Order Shipping options, or use the default option
  4. Set up Fulfillment settings
  5. Press Save changes button
  6. Please make sure you’ve downloaded RondeVu Extension for AliExpress!