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Marketing can often be overlooked when people decide to dive into e-commerce dropshipping. At this point, your store has successfully been set up, and you may even be using a dropshipping fulfillment service like RondeVu to help you manage sales for your store.

But how are you going to market your product and most importantly, sell your product? From social media marketing to search engine optimization, there are numerous directions you can take. This article will dive into different marketing strategies and guide you to determine which option is the best for your e-commerce dropshipping business.

Why Should I Invest in Marketing?

It is easy to look at the term marketing and automatically think that it is not useful, since with key performance indicators like awareness and impressions, that does not directly correlate to sales.

So, we want you to throw out this idea of marketing.

Instead, look at marketing with key performance indicators like return on investment and revenue.

With this new view of marketing, you can actually view marketing as a strategic business initiative. 

With a dropshipping management service you have already simplified your business model, leaving room for you to invest in strategic marketing and begin seeing sales. Just like any store, you need customers to find you first, and starting their purchase journey. 

Understanding Marketing Strategies to Choose From

Much like using a dropshipping research tool to choosing good products that you want to sell on your ecommerce site, do the research on what marketing avenue works for your niche.

Answer these questions:

  1. What niche am I operating in?
  2. What product(s) am I selling?
  3. Who is my target audience?

Once you have the answer to these questions, you can now dive into looking at marketing methods that would be a good fit.

List of Marketing Channels

Below, we have compiled a list of marketing channels and when to use them. But don’t stop there, once you find one that you like, continue your research to find best practices with that marketing channel.

1. Google Ads

When to use: Targeting engaged shoppers that are already looking for that product to buy


  • People that see your ad on Google were already actively searching for that product, meaning these customers are already looking to buy
  • Connects to your Google Analytics account so you can receive great data to help understand your audience and sell more
  • You only pay for your ad when someone clicks on it


  • Choose relevant keywords
  • Set up a Google Analytics account before running Google Ads to begin tracking your e-commerce data
2. Influencer Marketing

When to use: Small marketing budget and time to reach out to influencers


  • Budget friendly. Connect with influencers that are willing to become affiliate partners or receive free products in exchange for posting
  • You are gaining access to followers who already trust the influencer they are following giving your product credibility


  • Check engagement of followers to make sure that the influencer you have selected did not buy fake followers
  • Measuring results can be tough since impressions is hard to measure, providing a discount to influencer’s followers can help you track their success by how many times someone uses a code
3. Facebook Ads
facebook ads for ecommerce business

When to use: If you have a product that helps solve a problem and if you know your target audience


  • Choose a marketing objective for your campaign (ad) 
  • Retargeting feature to capture customers that have interacted with your product
  • Lookalike Audience feature, where Facebook chooses your audience based on feedback from your sample audience


  • Facebook Ads will take some time to learn, so make sure you have the time to understand the platform
  • The platform is great for impulse purchases meaning items that solve a problem or have a product that makes people think they need it right that second
4. TikTok

When to use: Small marketing budget, targeting younger generations with an exciting product

tiktok ads for ecommerce business


  • Can market with TikTok influencers or TikTok Ads (similar to Facebooks ads)
  • With the explore page, by creating your own TikTok account and posting your own content, your product can be organically discovered on a larger scale
  • Cheaper than Facebook ads 


  • Use TikTok if you are looking to target Gen Z customers or Millennials
  • Videos on TikTok need to be exciting since there is so much content, you have to keep your audience engaged
5. Pinterest Ads

When to use: You already have sales elsewhere and know your target audience


  • Pinterest users have a high buying intent and their household income is higher than other social media platforms
  • Great for organic growth if you are consistent with posting


  • 71% of users are women
  • Make sure your product falls under the right category for Pinterest shoppers including fashion, beauty, home decor and travel
  • It takes time to grow organically with Pinterest so make sure you are posting every day and using keywords that relate to your product
7. SEO

When to use: You have other channels for sales and looking to gain free traffic


  • Free, consistent traffic 
  • Ranking higher on search engines, therefore increasing brand loyalty 


  • Determine what keywords are relevant to your ecommerce store
  • Implement SEO when you set up your store, as it is best to use SEO with another method of marketing
8. Email marketing

When to use: You have been running your drop shipping store for awhile and have grown your email list


  • High return on investment
  • Great for building customer relationships, brand loyalty and targeting previous customers


  • Build your email list first, so you have a base of subscribers to begin emailing
  • Offer discounts and other special offers to keep customers coming back

We hope this article has helped you learn more about different strategies and you feel like you can now be on the right track to begin your marketing efforts!

Feeling overwhelmed or like you don’t have enough time to implement these marketing strategies to your e-commerce business?

Sign up for RondeVu and our dropshipping management software can take care of everything from dropshipping fulfillment to using our dropshipping research tool for finding winning products – that way you have time to focus on making sales and building revenue!

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