New feature: Search Supplier

We are excited to announce a new feature: Search Supplier. Searching for a supplier has become even easier!
Now you can look for a supplier using product pictures or links from AliExpress.
Listed below are the 3 best ways to use this new feature:
1. Search for a supplier by using a product picture

1-1. Go to AliExpress Products and click on the icon

1-2. This will open a window for selecting a file from your computer, you must select the desired image/ file and click “Open”.

1-3. This will direct you to a page of all stores that supply the product. 

1-4. You can add products that you like to draft!

2. Search a supplier using the product link from AliExpress

2-1. Select the desired product from AliExpress and copy the link

2-2. Go to AliExpress Products and paste the link into the search field and click on “search”

2-3. Once you have entered the link, a list of suppliers will be displayed.

2-4. You can add products that you like to draft!

3. Search suppliers for products similar to those in AliExpress Products and Shopify Products.

3-1. On desired product from AliExpress Products or Shopify Products click the “find similar product” button

3-2. It will show all similar products and its supplier.  

3-3. You can add products that you like to draft!

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  1. Karl


    Cool, I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time

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