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We are glad to announce that we have achieved full integration with AliExpress!

What’s new:

  • Order fulfillment time has reduced from average 5 minutes to few seconds
  • Now Orders are placed faster and fully automatically!
  • We no longer required your AliExpress credentials to fulfill orders, simply link your Rondevu account to the AliExpress whitelist account

How to activate AliExpress Whitelist with RondeVu? All you need to do is follow 2 easy steps:

  1. Go to Order Settings and click “Whitelist Account”

  2. Then, you will see the Authorization page. Click “Authorize”, the page will refresh and jump back to RondeVu

    After that, “set up successful” notification will appear

What is AliExpress Whitelist and why do you need this?

The AliExpress whitelist allow our users to:

  • Place an unlimited amount of orders without restrictions
  • Fulfill all your awaiting orders on RondeVu in a matter of seconds

Enjoy! 🙂