Order Statuses with description in RondeVu

We provide you list of statuses in RondeVu with their descriptions:

Status nameDescriptionWhat to do
1Mapping Required

Error importing an order from Shopify. This status is assigned to the order if there is an unrecognized product where there is no mapping with any specific product in AliExpress.

Product mapping functionality is available – use Change supplier button (more information https://rondevu.co/update-change-supplier/)




Orders that are imported from Shopify to RondeVu, but have not yet been placed in AliExpress. 

If you indicated in Order settings automatic fulfillment (by default), just wait a few minutes for the status to change.

If it is not changing or you have chose to fulfill orders manually or some changes in the order have been made, then click Place Order

3Fulfillment ErrorError placing an order from RondeVu on Aliexpress. The order details show the reasons for the error:  
1. The impossibility of authorization 
2. Inability to select the desired product option or the desired quantity.
3. Incorrectly filled in the delivery address.

a) Check the settings of the login and password from AliExpress.
b) Change the order composition on Shopify, wait for the data update and click Replace Order again

c) Change the order address in Shopify, wait for the data update and click Replace Order again


4Awaiting PaymentOrders that are awaiting payment in Aliexpress

1. Click filter “Awaiting Payment” and select all orders you want to pay for
2. Click card icon to Pay for selected orders, or if you’re paying only for one order press the drop-down menu on the order, More Actions, and select Pay
3. A new tab with AliExpress page will automatically open. Select the payment method you have saved on your Aliexpress account and press Pay Now.


Awaiting Shipment

Aliexpress is preparing order  for shipment.

No action required

Awaiting Delivery

Order is awaiting delivery.

No action required

7Fulfilled by Shopify

Order that was executed by Shopify

No action required

8Canceled by Shopify

Orders that were canceled on Shopify. Such orders are not displayed anywhere except in this filter. There is no further solution for this order.


9Canceled by Aliexpress

Orders canceled on AliExpress, especially if there was no payment. 

If it still relevant, you can click Replace order and pay

10Archived by Shopify

Orders archived in Shopify.


11Must be canceled

Orders marked as “Must be canceled” by the user in RondeVu. These orders will be displayed in other filters, with the corresponding mark.



Orders marked as “important” by users of RondeVu