FAQ Find Products

How to add products from RondeVu to my store?

To add products from to your online store: 1.Go to Find products 2. Press the Add to My products button on the product you like. It will appear in My products tab 3. Go to My products and press three …

Where to find shipping options and countries for a specific product from AliExpress supplier?

Go to Find Products Open product page Open Shipping options tab. Here you can find shipping options depending on destination country

What does the Trend chart show?

The Trend chart shows product’s daily sales. For example, estimated sales of this product on 25 April were 881 orders. See additional information in our Academy – Start guide – Find Products

What does Verified by AliExpress mean?

Verified by AliExpress filter shows popular products from suppliers that have been verified by Alibaba Group to have the ability to handle and fulfill large order quantities (1000 orders per month or more). All such products are labeled. See additional …

How do I find similar products?

To find similar products to sell in your online store: 1. Go to Find products 2. On desired product in three dots menu click on Find similar products 3. First purple card shown is your product 4. Other cards will …

What if I could not find the desired product in RondeVu?

If could not find desired product in our RondeVu app you can also add products via RondeVu Extension. How to do it: Download RondeVu Extension Login to AliExpress Click on the product and go to the detailed card Click on the “Import …

How can I search for products?

You can search products in several ways: By keyword – type it in “Search for a product” field By image/link – press icon with photo Using RondeVu extension directly from AliExpress website Search products in RondeVu Shopify products tool. You can …

How do I search products shipped from a specific country?

Go to Find products and in the filter “Ships from” choose from a list of countries. For example, if you want to choose products that can be shipped from United States, in this dropdown menu choose “United States”