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How to migrate data from Oberlo?

To help Oberlo users to continue smooth dropshipping we developed a process of how migrate all products: All your products will be automatically displayed in RondeVu in the My Products module with the Change Supplier status in the Fulfillable column. These products …

What does product status “Active” mean?

Active products are products that are published to your online store, i.e. they are available in your store for customers to buy

What settings do I need in My products?

To establish Settings for products: Open My products Click on Settings button on the top right 3. Set desired settings in General Settings and Inventory Management tabs 4. Be sure to press the button Save Changes

What does Fulfillable mean in My products?

If status is Fulfillable for the product it means this product is available for order autofulfillment, i.e. orders are automatically processed in RondeVu, all you have to do is press pay

What does Inventory in My products mean?

Inventory – number of products for the variant with the least quantity out of all variants

How do I change the supplier of products?

The “Change Supplier” function is designed to change the supplier of a product variant. If a product is running low or out of stock, you can change the supplier at any time and update the number of products in stock …

What do I do with products that were already in Shopify before joining RondeVu?

If your Shopify store had products before connecting to RondeVu, then these products will be automatically displayed in RondeVu in the My Products module with the Change Supplier status in the Fulfillable column.  These products will need to be mapped …

How do I publish my products on Shopify from RondeVu?

1. You can add products from Find products tab – AliExpress, Shopify, import via AliExpress link/Product ID or image and using RondeVu browser extension 2.  Added products get into My Products in RondeVu and as draft products in Shopify 3. …

What does product status “Draft” mean?

In My products tab products with the Draft status are products you have added from the Find products tab, as well as products added via a browser extension or imported via the AliExpress link/Product ID/image, but not published to your …

Where can I find the products I added?

Your added products end up in My products with draft status. On this tab you can: – Edit product description – Add images – Change item price – Select product options – After making changes, you need to click on …