New Update. Shipping options for a smoother dropshipping process

dropshipping countries

Now you can customise shipping methods for specific products based on country to fulfill orders faster!

When will you need this?

  • When you want to set an optimal (by price and/or delivery time) shipping method to a certain country for the product
  • When default shipping method is inconvenient for a certain country and you want change it for all current and future orders

How to set up?

  1. Go to My products
    Press on the three-dots for additional menu
    Then choose “Set Shipping Options”
my products for store
  1. Next you have two options:
    Option 1. Add countries one by one
    Option 2. Add list of hot countries

Option 1. Add countries one by one

2.1 Press “+ ADD COUNTRY” button on the top right

dropshipping to country shipping method

2.2 Select country from the dropdown list

shipping settings country

2.3 Assign shipping method for this country

shipping method DHL Aliexpress Standard Cainiao

2.4 Repeat 2.1-2.3 for each country you want to add

2.5 If you want to remove one row click the X button

shipping method DHL Aliexpress Standard ePacket

2.6 Press “SAVE SHIPPING” button to save changes

saving shipping settings

Notification will confirm your settings have been saved

successful notification

Option 2. Add list of hot countries 

3.1 Press “ADD HOT COUNTRIES” button

add top trending countries

3.2 The most popular delivery destinations will appear – Russian Federation, United States, Spain, France, Israel, Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Ukraine, Poland, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium

Choose the shipping method for countries you want to set delivery options for

assigning shipping method

NOTE: Please note that you do not have to choose a specific shipping method for each country. If shipping method is not chosen it will be set by default value from Order settings -> Order Shipping Selection


saving shipping settings

Notification will confirm your settings have been saved

notification on successful

Now for all new orders of this product the set shipping method will appear!

If you have any questions please contact us by or schedule a Zoom session with our team.

Enjoy faster order fulfillment and improved dropshipping process!

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