What does “Mapping required” order status mean?

Mapping Required means Error importing an order from Shopify. This status is assigned to the order if there is an unrecognized product where there is no mapping with any specific product in AliExpress.

What to do if order status is Mapping required?

1. Go to My Orders

2. Click on Actions on order with status “Mapping Required” and press Change supplier button

3. After clicking on the “Change supplier” button, the system pulls up the product image and the system will show similar products from different suppliers.

Choose a product that suits you by clicking the Select button.

4. Next, a new window will open to replace product variants.

5. Assign new suppliers of products by dragging and dropping products from the list. Hold and drag the product variant from the New Supplier window (up)  to the Current Supplier window (down)

6. The product variant card will then display data on New Supplier column, new price and inventory, as well as a button to discard the variant.

7. Click Save button on the top right

8. After clicking on the Save button, a window will appear asking you to update orders with the current product.

If you select “Yes. update orders too,” a list of order statuses to update will appear.

Click on Apply Changes button

9. After the process is completed, you will be notified that the data transfer was successful!

10. Now all orders with this product will change status from “Mapping required” to “Requires fulfillment” you need to Place them and Pay for them

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